Shrines and Reliquaries

This is a series of objects include ceramic, glass and mixed media grottos and containers.

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Congregation of Wits Silkscreen Prints

1,000 drawings culled from sketchbook drawings compiled over the past thirty years, New York City based artist Andrew Cornell Robinson has created an on going series exploring image and language.

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Mono Prints

A collection of mono print silkscreens and collages created in combination with clean sheets during the production of a limited edition silkscreen print

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Momento Mori

This series of sculptures exploring figuration and artifacts related to the lives of various men, women and moments in time take inspiration from the tradition of memento mori.

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Disobedient Objects

This series of images and artifacts explore conceptions of disobedinece, personal, social, political or otherwise.

Fruit Bowl Manifesto

Installation images from the exhibition An Accidental Revolutionary a Fruitbowl Manifesto. It includes ceramics, prints, garments, performance collaborations and sculpture.

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Marat Mahākāla

A limited edition silkscreen print and wheat paste installation resulting from a collaboration between Andrew Cornell Robinson and Michael Kirk

Truisims Redux

Inspired by John Carpenter's campy science fiction film "They Live," and Jenny Holzer’s “Truisms”, a series of text-based works that were once placed into the empty theatre marquees along 42nd Street, visual artist Andrew Cornell Robinson has drawn and an

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My Cup Runneth Over

A project exploring the vessel form and notions of gratitude, plenty, poverty in material or humanity.

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Studio Notes

Projects I am working on in the studio.

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Votive Portraits

Portraits drawings with charcoal, water color and ink on paper.

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Inventory Drawing

A series of exploratory works on paper.

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An ongoing series of portraits exploring flirtation and desire.

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