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Western-Style Raku Kiln Firing  

Andrew Cornell Robinson and friends firing the Raku kiln. Read more

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Drawing Phrygian Caps  

Andrew draw a series of Phrygian caps with gouache, pastel and ink on hand made paper. Read more

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Congregation of Wits III (Kaleidoscope)

This series of animations are related to an ongoing body of work titled Congregation of Wits, which began as a drawing project and led to an edition of double-sided silkscreen prints of the same title and includes these stop motion animations as well as a developing body of ceramic sculptures.
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A Congregation of Wits/ Animation

Exploring the glut of images that coalesce upon platforms like social media, Robinson has created a contemporary congregation of images and ideas through his black and white hand-drawn animations that flicker through a kaleidoscope of symbols and uncanny proverbs provoking playful associations of rough-hewn lines and forms presented in rapid-fire succession.
Created as an animation for the jumbo-trons of Times Square, and transformed into a pair of NFTs animating over thirty years of the artists drawings interspersed with slogans.
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