Collections of past works

Inventory Drawing

A series of exploratory works on paper.

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Neighbors and Strangers

Portraits of neighbors and strangers usullay gathered from drawings made on a train, bus, subway of while on a short break on the street, parks of a cafe.

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Fruit Bowl Manifesto

Installation images from the exhibition An Accidental Revolutionary a Fruitbowl Manifesto. It includes ceramics, prints, garments, performance collaborations and sculpture.

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Momento Mori

This series of sculptures exploring figuration and artifacts related to the lives of various men, women and moments in time take inspiration from the tradition of memento mori.

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Sous les pavés, la plage!

The poetry of the streets that emerged in May 1968 France inspired me to explore the potency and fragility of language. Looking at selections of the graffitti slogans and agitprop graphics I worked at Urban Glass to create a series of poured and gilded…


Several of the projects in my studio over the past decade have begun with an imaginary persona. They are often inspired by radical, revolutionary and queer characters, based on historical or literary figures.

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Marat Mahākāla

A limited edition silkscreen print and wheat paste installation resulting from a collaboration between Andrew Cornell Robinson and Michael Kirk

Disobedient Objects

This series of images and artifacts explore conceptions of disobedinece, personal, social, political or otherwise.

Offering Bowls

A series of bowls containing multiple sculptural artifacts exploring collections, and notions of artifacts as relic.

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Jamón Jamón

The Spanish ham is a form I have been fascinated with since I visited Spain and learned of the history of offering ham to strangers; begun during the inquisition as a test to determine if they were secretly Muslim or Jewish. This sort of subterfuge emb…

Votive Portraits

Portraits drawings with charcoal, water color and ink on paper.

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An ongoing series of portraits exploring flirtation and desire.

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