Congregation of Wits

A project comprised of 1,000 drawings culled from over thirty years of daily drawing, which have led to the creation of a collection of prints, drawings, animations, sculpture and ephemera.

Drawing, Print, Work on Paper

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Congregation of Wits Silkscreen Prints

1,000 drawings culled from sketchbook drawings compiled over the past thirty years, New York City based artist Andrew Cornell Robinson has created an on going series exploring image and language.

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A Congregation of Ideas Across Multiple Projects

A collection of related works about process, personal and constructed identities, craft materials and meaning, drawing and language.

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Truisims Redux

Inspired by John Carpenter's campy science fiction film "They Live," and Jenny Holzer’s “Truisms”, a series of text-based works that were once placed into the empty theatre marquees along 42nd Street, visual artist Andrew Cornell Robinson has drawn and an

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Mono Prints

A collection of mono print silkscreens and collages created in combination with clean sheets during the production of a limited edition silkscreen print

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