Imagination unfolds in all sorts of dimensions, and materials. While I primarily work in painting and ceramic, I also am equally committed to drawing, printmaking, and sculpture.

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I see my paintings as objects as well as images that move from figuration into abstraction and back again. Layering and erasure plays a role in the way that I paint. Some times this plays out on a substrate of sewn and embroidered fabrics. Some times paintings become a component within a larger sculptural assemblage that may include ceramic forms juxtaposed adjacent with or incorporated into the image.

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"Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other." - Mary Caroline Richards

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"Assemblages are composed of heterogeneous elements or objects that enter into relations with one another. Thus you have physical objects, happenings, events, as well as signs, utterances, and so on..." - Gilles Deleuze


“I am not what I am, I am what I do with my hands…” - Louise Bourgeois

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I draw every day. I have made it a habit to keep my hands and my eyes occupied. Visual thinking through drawing makes intuitive invention more accessible. Ideas flow like automatic writing. I often use drawing to find and work though a form that might come up later in a painting or sculpture, more often than not the drawings are a way to work through something in the studio when I am away from my work, it’s a place to play, and resist gravity, to imagine an experience on multiple planes, times, and movements. Visual conflagrations, juxtapositions, compositions, they emerge in the most unexpected ways, and in the drawing I let them. I’m more like a witness rather than an author. The physical act of drawing is a way to bring an idea to life.

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