Imagination unfolds in all sorts of dimensions, and materials. While I primarily work in ceramic and sculpture, I am equally committed to painting, drawing and printmaking. I often use collage to work through a compositional idea, and all of my work is intertwined in research often into historical or literary narratives. Occasionally this research evolves into writing, and the creation of characters, or personae that I then will imagine situations for and then make images, artifacts and objects for. This might lead to the creation of clothing, photographs, audio/visual artifacts, and collaborations with others.

Ceramic, Drawing, Painting, Print, Sculpture, Work on Paper


My paintings take up space, they are not polite, or tasteful, they don’t provide a window into another world, they are objects that make a stand in this world. That's good. I like that.

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Drawing is a fundamental process in my work. I use drawing to explore an idea at its conception, and to rework a visual puzzle while I am in the midst of a project. I also have gotten into the habit of creating “inventories,” that is, drawings created in

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