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Neighbors and Strangers

Portraits of neighbors and strangers usullay gathered from drawings made on a train, bus, subway of while on a short break on the street, parks of a cafe.

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Tearoom 1

Drawing, print and oil pastel, wax, enamel, acrylic, and pencil on paper, 30x15 inches, 2021

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This body of paintings explores imagery, that are hidden by painting out and over, leading to an abstracted layering, an obfuscation.

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Oil on canvas

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I see my paintings as objects as well as images that move from figuration into abstraction and back again. Layering and erasure plays a role in the way that I paint. Some times this plays out on a substrate of sewn and embroidered fabrics. Some times paintings become a component within a larger sculptural assemblage that may include ceramic forms juxtaposed adjacent with or incorporated into the image.

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